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03.11 Voronezh. 04.11 Kursk

Jazz Province

Hello!!! On Saturday, November 12, we play in Vladimir at the festival «Jazz province»!

16 TONN. 14 March at 20:00

16 TONN. THE 14 MARCH. Thanks for all! It was great! See all photos and video at our site and on FB! At the concert on 14 March BlockBASSter…

DOKER. 1 November. DJAO-DA

We play at a party  of the international documentary film festival DOKER! Welcome!!! JAO-DA. 

Erarta. Saint-Petersburg. The Cross Art Festival

Block[bass]ter played in a fantastic location — Erarta in St. Petersburg, at the curious festival of the Cross Art dedicated to the synthesis of art! For us, this was most important event!!! Erarta…

From «Usadba Jazz». Fassbinder. The 10 September

Friends, we play music on the show from «Usadba Jazz» 10—th of September in the club Fassbinder!!!