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Photos from the concert in 16 Tons

Thanks for the club 16 Tons.

Concert in Dewars Powerhouse

Friends, and here is the video of the song that we performed at the concert in Dewar’s Powerhouse! For the first time! 😉 We love this music and…

New video!

For the shooting of the concert Project “MARCH” thanks GiadaProject!

Photos from the concert “MART”

Спасибо всем, кто был с нами 13 февраля в МАРТе! Спасибо МАРТу и MadCatPromo!

And here he is! Our first CD! Our single!

In our single includes three songs. Same block[Bass]ter is a mixture of rhythmic dub-fundamentals and woodwind melodies. This composition is, I think, with proper arrangement it may well…

Interview for Another Music

Interview for Another Music Another Music talked to the founder of Block[BASS]ter Anton Silaeva, the musicians of the band and producer, Svetlana, on the eve of the first…

Radio Culture. Dmitry Petrovich Ukhov “CD Foodie”

May 20, in the transmission of Dmitry Petrovich Ukhov “CD Foodie“. This week we present is not so much the latest innovations, how many CDs (and records) musicians…

Announcement of Muse Cube

Hooray, our new single is now available at major online music stores worldwide!!! On this occasion here is the announcement from MuseCube. Thanks for the ingenuity and professionalism…